My Blown Away Today Journey

October 22, 2014 Posted by Sherri Yvette - No Comments

My love for the beauty industry has always opened new doors and opportunities for me. I have met some pretty amazing people along the way and am happy to announce that I am an educator for a wonderful company called Blown Away Today. We teach cosmetology students and salons the art of blow drying and styling. In school, I learned to round brush from an instructor who I watched do a demo on my classmate. She was moving her dryer and brush in some acrobatic curling, twirling and straightening technique that had me mesmerized. I pulled her to the side and asked her to show me how she worked her brush! From that moment on, I fell in love with round brushing. This was not a technique I was used to growing up doing mostly textured hair. I was used to silk pressing with a flat iron or a hot comb. I have introduced round brushing to all of my clients now, including the majority of my textured hair clients (if their hair allows for it). With textured hair, it allows me to dry and curl the hair all in one fell swoop. If I have to use the flat iron, it takes me 15 minutes tops and I still leave my clients hair full of body and movement. Swing that hair girl!

I didn’t realize how crucial blow dry styling was until I graduated from cosmetology school and started working at a high end, mixed salon in Atlanta. As an assistant, the majority of the work you do for the stylist(s) you assist involves shampooing and blow outs. In school, we could take our time and spend 45 minutes on a blow out if we chose. In the salon, that sucker had to be finished within 15-20 minutes. This was insane to me but it made sense eventually. In the salon, time is money and you always have to find ways to maximize your time while still providing your client with quality services.

Bianca Hahn is the beautiful talented founder of Blown Away Today and I met her while I was in hair school at the Aveda Institute. She came to my school teaching and certifying students in another styling technique. She had a similar story to mine in that she left one industry and came over to pursue her passion in beauty and I instantly clicked with her. I made it a point to keep in touch with her after the class and get her advice on career decisions and more. One evening she called me out of the blue and told me she was starting her own company and invited me to join her team. This news was so unexpected but SOOO well received on my end. Talk about being stoked! I am now the lead educator for Blown Away Today in Georgia and I am here to teach you how to do a killer blow out for your clients!!!

If you are interested in taking a course with us, you have to be a cosmetology student or a salon professional working in the industry. This also includes makeup artists who also work on sets doing hairstyling for television and film. For more information on our classes please visit You can always email me directly if you have questions or want to learn more as well. My contact information is below.

IG: @sherriblownawaytoday

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